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How to prepare a hot chocolate

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Simón Coll’s drinking chocolate is made from bean to bar, following the process of selection and traditional roasting of the cocoa bean in our factory. We produce 4 different types of drinking chocolate bars. The cocoa percentage contained in these bars ranges between a 45% and a 70%, a great amount of cocoa if we take into account that it is drinking chocolate. For this reason, they are perfect for people who want to include high cocoa percentages to their drinking chocolate. We recommend using them for drinking or cooking some stew or sauce.


High cocoa intensity or sweet?

If we want a thick drinking chocolate, it has to boil and we need milk for this. In any case, we can also use water or any other vegetable milk (oat, rice or soy, etc.).

  • If we use water, we will obtain an intense cocoa drinking chocolate (water does not alter chocolate’s taste).
  • If we use milk, it will sweeten your drinking chocolate.

3 easy steps

  1. Heat water or milk in a pot.
  2. When it is warm, add the chocolate portions and melt them.
  3. Make it boil and stir until you get the desired texture.

One style for each occasion

  • Flavour elixir. In a small mug, high cocoa intensity.
    • 2 chocolate pieces (50g) and 100ml of water.
  • Traditional delight. In a medium-size mug, moderate cocoa intensity and thick.
    • 2 chocolate pieces (50g) and 150ml of milk.
  • Everyday pleasure. In a big mug, low cocoa intensity and liquid.
    • 1 chocolate piece (25g) and 200ml of milk.

It will be delicious in any way, no matter how you prepare it! You only have to practice a little bit to find that exact combination that blows your mind. Who said learning was not a pleasure? It always is with chocolate!

How to prepare a hot chocolateHow to prepare a hot chocolate