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Christmas dessert



  1. Mix the flour, salt, and yeast in a bowl.
  2. Then add the milk, egg yolk and invert sugar or honey, and continue mixing.
  3. Finally, add the butter and mix until it is fully integrated. You have to obtain a smooth dough that does not get stick to the walls of the bowl.
  4. Form a ball and put it in a bowl smeared with some oil.
  5. Cover it with a cloth and let it rise until it doubles the volume.
  6. Once the dough is fermented, melt the white chocolate in a water bath or in the microwave.
  7. Place the dough on a smooth and lightly floured surface, and stretch it with a roller until you get a rectangle of approximately 40x50cm.
  8. Spread the white chocolate leaving a couple of centimeters of margin on the edges and spread over a few blueberries.
  9. Roll it along the longest part and ​​cut it along with a knife. Leave one of the ends uncut.
  10. Start braiding, make a shape of a crown and join the ends. Cover it with a cloth and let it ferment until it almost doubles the volume.
  11. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  12. Once our kringle has almost doubled the volume, bake it for about 25 minutes.
  13. Let it cool down on a rack and, once cold, decorate it with powdered sugar.

A kringle is a typical cake of the Nordic countries. Crown-shaped and braided, it is usually made with sugar, cinnamon, nuts, and raisins. However, we made this one with white chocolate and blueberries. We are convinced that you will love this combination. If you want to do it at home for Christmas, click on the button below and buy the white chocolate drops. If you want to know more about the recipe and discover other ones, you should definitely have a look here.


Christmas dessertChristmas dessert