Irresistible Pancakes



  1. Melt the white chocolate drops in the water bath.
  2. Put some water in a pan to moisten the surface.
  3. Cut the banana lengthwise, just on one side, and cook over medium heat for 8 minutes on each side.
  4. Remove and cut the banana into pieces.
  5. To make the dough, beat all the ingredients.
  6. Add some oil in a nonstick skillet and remove the excess with a napkin.
  7. Add a little dough to the pan, when the bubbles come out, you can turn it over.
  8. Pile all the pancakes and add the white chocolate, the roasted banana, and the raspberries.
Irresistible PancakesIrresistible Pancakes

An easy, fast to prepare and delicious breakfast. You can buy the white chocolate drops by clicking in the button below.