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New Advent Calendar

Countdown for Christmas

Have loads of fun while you wait for Christmas!

It is allways exciting for the little ones to count the days until Christmas. At Simón Coll we want it to be also inspiring, fun and… delicious. We love to be part of your most memorable family moments with what we know best: good quality chocolate.

This year, we offer you a symbol of Christmas tradition with all the flavor and creaminess of 24 thin sheets of milk chocolate. The formula of this chocolate is the same that we use for our milk chocolate products for adults. If we enjoy the good and the best of chocolate without renouncing to its quality, why should we renounce to make chocolate for children? Like you, we want to give the best to the little ones in the house. Like all our products, this calendar is free of gluten, palm oil, additives, and preservatives.

We want the little ones to enjoy our products as much as the big ones and that’s why we wanted to accompany the chocolate tasting with games so they can have the best time possible. At Simón Coll we have always been committed to the traditions and values that these transmit and, for this very reason, we want our products to be something more: to make them think, create, imagine, and make their imagination fly. Every day, then, you can play the game that is hidden in the back of each chocolate bar and you can also paint the blank drawing on the back of the box.

Get the little ones to immerse themselves in this hibernation scene of a Christmas market so that they can live this beautiful Christmas tradition with great enthusiasm! You can get our beautiful Christmas artwork on our website or in reliable shops.
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