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Foodie Advent Calendar

Taste while learning

The wait for the most gourmet Christmas!

How long has it been since you celebrated the countdown to Christmas? Dive back into the experience that marked your childhood with the new Advent calendar for foodies. Designed for you, passionate about gastronomy that does not eat, but travels with each food and, this time, from the hand of Simon Coll.
This Christmas, enjoy 12 varieties of Simón Coll chocolate in 24 fine 5g sheets of chocolate, grouped so that you can live, as never before, the maximum expression of Christmas! What’s more, while you taste Simón Coll’s most unique formulas, we invite you to learn with us, with the pairing options and the basic information of each typology on the packaging of each of the chocolates.
Last but not least, we would like to mention the wonderful designer @AnaHard, with whom we have worked together to illustrate the most current Christmas scene, where the essence of celebrating the holidays with, in this case, your closest friends, is captured. It is necessary to emphasize the small attributes to the Simón Coll brand distributed by all the illustration, would you know how to find them?

If you also want to enjoy the best quality chocolates for those special moments in your life, get the Advent Foodies calendar on our website or in reliable establishments.

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